Ellis Sales, Inc. is proud to offer our Full Service Lease Program.  Our unique take on leasing is a complete "turn key" program.  If you are a General Manager or Owner of a course in western and northern Michigan, give us a call so we can talk about all the advantages of our Full Service Lease Program over a traditional lease.  For now, please consider some of the major features of our lease program:

Full Service Leasing for Country Clubs and Golf Courses


Warranty of Vehicles

​The typical warranty period on a new golf car (no matter the brand) is typically 4 years.  Used equipment may come with a 1 year warranty.  After that it, it is up to the course to cover the cost (parts and labor) of mechcanical failure.  Under our Full Service Lease Program, the equipment is covered under our warranty for the term of the lease (new or used).  Meaning your facility will never see a surprise invoice for repairing a golf car with a mechanical failure.  See store/sales rep. for details.





Seasonal Maintenance

Whether it is a golf car, mower, tractor or maintenance vehicle.  General maintenance of that unit is key to its dependablity at your facility.  Under our Full Service Lease Program, the entire fleet is picked up and brought to our facility for seasonal maintenance and cleaning.  This service helps assure a dependable and professional looking fleet for the start up every spring of the lease term.

Off-site Winter Storage

One of the goals of our Full Service Lease Program is convenience for the course operators.  After we have taken in your fleet for seasonal maintenance we typically return the fleet to your facility.  However if you would like to free up some storage space at your facitly we can store your fleet here unitl spring.  We have had some courses take back part of the fleet just in case spring shows up a little early.

Property Taxes

Typically under a standard lease program a separate invoice is sent for property taxes due on the fleet. Under our Full Service Lease Program, you will not see this surprise invoice for property tax.  Any property taxes due on the fleet are the responsibility of Ellis Sales.

Daily Rental Golf Cars for Large Outings and Touraments

As a course that participates in our Full Service Lease Program, you are set up at a discounted rate for the rental of Tournament Fleet Golf Cars when needed (we also offer 4 and 6 person shuttle units).  

Just one of the ways we like to say Thank You for being a Full Service Lease Customer.